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HQ400/3A(HQ400/3B,HQ400/3L) HQ400/3AN(HQ400/3BN)
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ITEM HQ400/3A(HQ400/3B,HQ400/3L) HQ400/3AN(HQ400/3BN)
Swing over bed φ420mm φ420mm
Distance between centers 400mm(HQ400/3L:500mm) 400mm
Max. longitudinal travel 380mm(HQ400/3L:480mm) 380mm
Max. cross travel 120mm 120mm
Taper of spindle M.T.3 M.T.3
Spindle hole φ20mm φ20mm
Step of spindle speed 7 7
Range of spindle speed 160-1360r.p.m 160-1360r.p.m
Barrel travel 70mm 70mm
Taper of center M.T.3 M.T.3
Metric thread range 0.2-3mm 0.7-2mm
Inch thread range 8-120T.P.I 7-30T.P.I
Longitudinal range of automatic feeding 0.05-0.175mm/0.002-0.007" 0.088-0.28mm/0.0035-0.011"
Cross range of automatic feeding /
Max. drilling capacity φ15mm φ15mm
Worktable size (L*W) 200×150mm² 200×150mm²
Max. end mill φ20mm φ20mm
Max. face mill φ63mm φ63mm
Spindle travel 85mm 85mm
Headstock travel of up and down HQ400/3A:80mm HQ400/3AN:80mm
Spindle taper M.T.3 M.T.3
Step of spindle speed 14 14
Range of spindle speed 117-1300r.p.m 117-1300r.p.m
Swivel of headstock ±360° ±360°
Motor power 0.55Kw 0.55Kw
Voltage/Frequency As customers’ requirement As customers’ requirement
Packing size 1032×580×1100mm(400/3L:1132×580×1100mm) 1032×580×1100mm
N. weight/G. weight 180kg/215kg(HQ400/3L:185kg/226kg) 185kg/220kg
Loading amount 44pcs/20’container 44pcs/20’container

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